All Episodes DC Tech Stories: LIVE SHOW! August 15, 2018 Jessica Bell How did/will you learn how to code: Computer Science Degree? Bootcamp? Online videos? There are many ways to learn tech, but what comes with all of those pathways? Bootcamps are expensive, but traditional degrees are even more so! Learning online can be daunting and overwhelming and leaves you with fundamental gaps. Traditional degrees get you that theoretical background, but often lack real world skills you'll need on day 1 of that new job.

So we invited one of each to talk about the pros, cons, and realities of their learning journeys into tech.

Chris Nguyen has a degree in Computer Science and Linguistics from the University of Maryland and Masters in Computer Science. He now works as a Senior developer for The Washington Post

Mary Griffus graduated from General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program in 2016. She is a Software Engineer at HumanGeo.

Anita Hall is 100% self-taught, learning from tutorials, taking an apprenticeship and continues to gain skills on the job and from the people around her. She now works as a developer for The Washington Post

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