DC Tech stories is a podcast chronicling the lives, passions, and narratives of technical workers in the DC Metro Area. A project started by Jessica Bell and Mitchell Shelton in January 2017. Rae Gaines took over all audio post production work in spring of 2017. The podcast aims to humanize the people who work in technical positions. Guests range from civic techies, to startup developers, bootcamp grads, to executives.Nominate someone to tell their story!

More about Jessica

Jessica is a front end web developer at the Washington Post. She helps to run DCFemTech and DC Tech Meetup and is an active member of Women Who Code. Jessica is an active speaker and organizer focusing her work on general technical literacy for all and equality in the tecnical field. She also teaches at General Assembly. Jessica loves to explore, host fabulous dinner parties, beg her partner for a cat, and post gifs.

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More about Rae

Rae is a multimedia producer turned developer who thinks in frequencies and functions. She enjoys creating podcasts, music and videos just as much as building websites and software. A recent convert to coding, Rae has TA'd with Hear Me Code and can be seen scouting DC for the best spot in which to hunker down in front of her keyboard. When she's not de-bugging or playing with sound waves, Rae is a local organizer and musician who enjoys coffee and pop punk.

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More about Mitchell

Mitchell Shelton is an accomplished programmer who currently works at NASA. When not creating web software, Mitchell creates chip tune and electronic music. You can find his music on BandCamp Mitchell is a femnist punk rock enthusist, a mentor for up and coming techies, arhitectural photographer, and general noise maker.

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